Client Testimonials

Client Testimonial 1 
 You were very pleasant and thorough...thank you for your hard work and allowing me to pay you at closing, this helps a lot.   WH Troutman

Client Testimonial 2 
You guys were great. Very thorough, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who are in the market for a house in the future. Thank you!  J.A. Morganton

Client Testimonial 3 
Thank you for doing such a good job on my pre-purchase inspection. Thanks to your findings, I decided to get a contractor to give me an estimate on the repairs of the floor joist. I have now decided to not purchase this house due to the extensive damage and cost. Thanks again.  W.L.  Valdese

Client Testimonial 4
Mike, You are very professional and were a pleasure to work with.  D.D.  Hickory

Client Testimonial 5
Outstanding Inspection. The data you that have supplied and the methods of communicating this information has helped me understand what specific items need to be addressed during the purchase of this house Thank you for your prompt inspection and detailed report. D. K.   Hickory

Client Testimonial 6
Love working with you and your company! Keep up to great work!  S.L.  Statesville

Client Testimonial 7
Very thorough and professional. Both inspectors took due time and were personable.  M. E. Hickory

Client Testimonial 8
I feel very confident when a report comes from Coles Home Inspections.  D. A.  Hickory